Paid Search & Social Advertising


Paid Search & Social Advertising

We provide tailored Paid Search Marketing or Pay Per Click (PPC) solutions that are aligned with your business goals and advertising budget. To ensure that we are able to produce successful results in line with your expectation, we first start by understanding your business, customers, and industry. We then create custom marketing campaigns directly focused on your target audience and implement effective solutions to ensure success through the most relevant marketing channels to help boost your business.

Each campaign we create is modelled around our initial research and data analysis of your business and advertising goals. We build and implement a bespoke bidding model and develop effective ad copy to maximise your advertising campaign’s return on investment. This is then analysed, tested, monitored and adjusted accordingly to further refine your PPC campaigns and improve overall performance.

At eVolveCommerce, we know how to deliver strong PPC performance and results for our customers. Our PPC service also aligns well with our other services that we provide including SEO and Marketplaces optimisation.

In order to command a powerful online presence for your brand through PPC advertising, there are a number of key paid search advertising strategies and channels that we can help manage for your business:

Search Advertising

We create cost-effective Search campaigns that reach audiences and buyers with high-intent who are actively looking for your product or service

What is Search?

Search Advertising places online ads on the search engine results page, taking into account demographics and intent combined with advanced bidding techniques that we can manage for your business. This also includes classic Text ads as well as Shopping Ads.

Ever increasing buyer demands and expectations paired with increasing online competition only enforces how vital Search advertising is for almost all online businesses, and the sales opportunities are undeniable given the ability to present the most relevant ads to the highest intent audiences when they are ready to take action.

Display Advertising

Displaying your brand in front of highly-qualified audiences and buyer groups to help build awareness for your brand

What is Display?

Display Advertising is essential when looking to generate brand awareness for your brand and business. It is ideal for reaching users and potential customers at each stage of their online journey.

Advertising on the Google Display Network allows a brand or business to reach an array of global online audiences looking for your product or service. Your business can adjust its marketing strategy with a range of effective audience targeting features allowing your business to place and target its message in front of potential customers at the right time during their search journey.

Shopping Ads

Google Shopping and Microsoft Advertising (Formerly Bing) make for the perfect solutions to increase product sales, website traffic and qualified leads

Why Shopping?

Google Shopping and Microsoft Ads are both types of paid search advertising which display your products in the search engine results pages. The ads feature an image of the product, as well as price, your store name and more.

With close to 45% of all retail ad clicks driven through Google Shopping, it is a crucial paid search advertising strategy for retailers. Not implementing this type of campaign almost certainly will have your business missing out on a sales revenue and market share.

Bing also has five billion monthly searches and typically a different user base to Google’s shopping audience. Creating targeted Product Ads through Microsoft Ads campaigns will allow your business to showcase the items you want to sell and have a larger presence on a search engine results page.

We’ve implemented thousands of campaigns and strategic approaches to both Google Shopping and Microsoft Ads across multiple markets for a wide range of customers selling everything from home based products, fashion brands, electronics and more. Through optimising your product feeds and identifying your target audience, we can then implement a solid shopping strategy across the Google and Bing search engines for your business and your brand.

Social Advertising

Expand your brand awareness and product offerings to Social Media audiences through targeted advertising

The benefits of pairing Social Advertising to your PPC strategy

With social media channels quickly adapting their business models to promote brands and products for purchase, in addition to the billions of users scrolling and interacting with these social platforms daily, as a brand or business you will want to seriously consider a presence across these platforms. Mobile has become a key fundamental asset to any online business today, therefore recognising this fact means that making sure you are present on these social platforms will only benefit your business’ sales opportunities.

Social media platforms are where people hang out and spend ever increasing time – and it’s where brands need to be. However, the mindset of a Facebook user versus a Google user differs greatly and these factors need to be considered when building a strong Social Advertising campaign.

At eVolve Consultants our campaign managers are well experienced in managing Paid Social Advertising campaigns and understand what pushes users to take action. In short, the rewards for our customers have been exceptional.

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