Marketplaces & Channels


Marketplaces and Channels

Whether you’re new to online marketplaces or have been selling for years, we offer a range of marketplace management services to help your business grow.

From account planning to fully operational sales trading, we can advise and manage everything from your internal day to day marketplace processes to proactive marketplace selling and advertising.

We provide a fully managed marketplace service to our customers, allowing our team to become your core strategists, so your business can get back to focusing on other important aspects of it’s brand and functions with confidence. You can have assurance that you’re in good hands as we currently manage and drive upwards of £25 million in online marketplace sales revenue each year for our existing customer base.

To put it simply – We know online marketplaces and we know how to monetise products to profit for your business.

Our full scope of online marketplaces managed service include:

Strategic Planning and Channel Modelling

Territory & Marketplace Assessment

Marketplace On-boarding and Introductions

Marketplace Channel Implementation & Launch

Product Data and Listing Optimisation

New Product Launch Opportunity Assessments & Forecasts

Marketing and Promotions (Including Amazon Sponsored Ads, A+ Pages Design, eBay Promotions, Paid Advertising Campaign Management)

Brand Support and Store Design

Competitive Analysis

Audits and Health Checks

Full Service Account Management – Each customer account receives a dedicated Account Manager, Campaign Manager and Advertising Manager

Full Marketplace Sales and Insights Reporting

Appeals Support

Monthly & Quarterly Business Reviews

And much more!

Here is just a small snapshot of the hundreds of potential online marketplaces that
we can help your business sell across:

As a customer you should have the flexibility in choosing the right technology to suit your business needs. At eVolve, we offer a number of marketplace selling platforms and can help you identify which technology partner is right for you:

Let’s Get Your Business Selling Today!

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