Business Development & Strategic Planning


eCommerce Business Development & Strategic Planning

Without in depth and insightful planning, you might as well throw your eCommerce business to the wind!

Before any professional advice can be given, a thorough understanding of what makes a brand or business tick and what a company’s goals are in relation to online expectations is absolutely imperative – At eVolveCommerce, we understand that this is vital to a customer’s success. Aligning our proposed strategies to the best interests of the business while making sure that we set realistic perametres with our customers around potential target achievement is at the core of what we do as consultants.

Whether your online business requires a brand new kick-start, sales growth and expansion, strategic online marketing management, stabilisation or a complete eCommerce overhaul and restructure, all of our consultants are certified and experienced to help.

We can help excel your online business planning and development in the following key areas:

eCommerce Structure and Company Goal Planning

Online Channel Planning & Recommendations

Channel Opportunity Assessment – Quick Turn Opportunities (QTO’s) Across Existing and Future Markets/Channels

Project Costing and Budget Planning

Backend eCommerce Software and Systems Review

Strategic Online Partners / Marketing Agency Review and Recommendations

Internal eCommerce Team Re-Structuring and Function Organisation

eCommerce Role Dedication, Knowledge Transfer and Training – Champions and Key Influencers

Business Intelligence – KPI and Progress Reporting Across All eCommerce Channels

The opportunity of eCommerce is vast in nature and continues to expand at a faster rate than online customer demands themselves. Our job is to make sure that your brand and business perform ahead of that curve and is supported strategically so you get the most out of your eCommerce investment.

Reach out now for a free consultation to let us know how we can help your online business succeed.

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